Press Release from The Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA):

Jamaicans are truly a resilient people, as we have withstood many storms and, with God’s Blessings,
we shall make it through the Coronavirus pandemic collectively as a people. Customer relationship
management is as important in good times as it is in times of national emergencies and how we
maneuver this situation is dependent on all of us.

Who We Are

We are the facilitators of service excellence – a premier not-for-profit Customer Service Association that transforms
individuals and organizations into world class service providers
while raising service standards nationally and delighting beyond expectations.

What We Do

At JaCSA, we work to ensure that all Jamaicans understand how critical quality Customer Service is to the country’s economic survival
in the global marketplace, to improving national productivity and enhancing the quality of life for all Jamaicans.


Education and Training

This international certification will ensure your front-line and in-house employees embrace a culture of quality service.


Keynote Presentations

JaCSA provides excellent Key Note, Luncheon, Dinner and Business presenters from our pool of Service Thought Leaders.



Through our wide range of associates and business partners, we will connect you with the right Market Research company to meet your survey needs.



Student Members have access to Jamaica’s leading Customer Service Professionals by applying for the JaCSA Service Mentorship Programme.



Join us today!

Become part of an organization that is committed to raising the service quality bar in Jamaica. By becoming a member of JaCSA, you gain access to
useful resources and a network of Customer Service Professionals across Jamaica. You also send a signal to your organization and industry that you are serious about service.