Yanique Grant


Yanique is the Managing Director of Professional Training and Occupational Services (operating for 9 years) – a full service customer experience development company that helps businesses from thought to execution on creating that magical and quality experience – one which leads to raving fans and customers!

Yanique has been featured in Virgin Blogs and is also the host of Podcast Navigating the Customer Experience Podcast – which was ranked #15 in the TOP 50 Customer Retention Podcasts. She enjoys kickboxing and is a proud mom.

Please welcome, Yanique Grant! The most amazing thing about Yanique is what she has managed to accomplish as a small business owner charged with a mission of “Creating a More Caring World!” Her passion for customer service has taken her to many different countries in the Caribbean and the rest of the world to train thousands of people and speak on improving Customer Service and Leadership Development. She is a woman on a mission and she sees herself as being the “Oprah of Customer Service!”

Connect with Yanique at yaniquegrant.com or follow her on Twitter on Instagram @yaniquewagrant.