Sandra Bodden-Reid

Honorary Secretary

Sandra Bodden Reid is a senior managerial executive who possesses well-developed competencies and technical skills honed over 30 years in diverse industries.

She is renowned for being a decisive leader and an incisive strategist who focuses on initiating organizational cultural realignment with the singular view of achieving organizational goals and objectives. Over the years she has had responsibility for marketing, administrative and human resource management, corporate communications and customer service across several industry postings including, General Manager for the Anbell Group of Companies, Vice President of Marketing for the Mobile Division – former Cable & Wireless Jamaica; Sales and Marketing Manager – Xerox Jamaica Limited; Marketing and Administrative Consultant, Peter King & Associates and Director, Jamexport – JAMPRO Limited.

She currently oversees the HEART Trust/NTA’s Customer Experience efforts straddling the review of policies, processes and the relevant supporting organizational structure.