Winroy Williams

V.P. Membership & Research

Helping people realize the best version of themselves and contributing to the world being a better place.

As a Certified Life Mastery Coach and Motivational Speaker, Winroy Williams specializes in helping individuals and organizations realize their desired results. He helps heart-centred people, entrepreneurs, business executives,
students and people who feel stuck and dissatisfied with their lives. He helps them get unstuck, build their dreams,
accelerate their desired results and create richer and more fulfilling lives. His passion is teaching people how to
unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they LOVE living! He absolutely enjoys seeing people experience quantum leaps and amazing transformations.

As author of “Dawn On My Mind”, an inspiring collection of poems, Winroy aims to help people reaffirm their purpose for living. He is currently completing two more books, one of which is entitled, “It is All in the Mind.” Winroy is in love with nature and enjoys taking his family to water attractions and green spaces.

He has over sixteen years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. His keen appreciation for customer service, human resource management and leadership has helped him to build and sustain several long-term partnerships.

Winroy holds three degrees from the University of the West Indies. He earned a Double Major undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Zoology, a Master of Philosophy in Zoology, and a Master of Business Administration in International Business. He has held teaching positions at tertiary institutions, where he taught Business Communication among other subjects.

Being a “student of life”, a difference maker and a man with the dream of positively impacting one-
seventh of the world’s population, it was a natural fit for Winroy to have founded Peak U Coaching Speaking Training, a company designed to help people realize their very best. Winroy wants people to know that they are way more capable than they realize!